The B.E.C. aspires to be the physical and primary home of eSports in the island of Barbados and it all starts with our professional sim racing rig. Come in and do a few laps in virtual reality on Project Cars 2, Dirt or Race Room. 

The Inaugural B.E.C. eSports Challenge featuring PROJECT CARS 2 is now complete ... and we have a WINNER!

Huge congrats to Damian Hall of the Apex Fever racing team, as the inaugural winner of the B.E.C. eSports Challenge.

Keep an eye on this page for our next event to make sure that you get in on the action!

Register as a B.E.C. eSports Team member and be one of the B.E.S.T.! Members get:
- Discounted Sim Racing ($2 off)
- Reduced registration fees for eSports events

- Access to exclusive practice sessions
- Exclusive pre-notification for B.E.C. eSports specials and events



Our mission is to provide you, your family, your work colleagues and your friends, a novel and constantly changing  experience that challenges your mind, tests your teamworking abilities and provides a temporary escape from reality  ... all in one purpose-built environment.

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Sun: 3pm - 8pm

Pre-Booked visits are welcome ANYTIME. Please call to book.


T: 246-421-3333


A: 43 - 44 Warrens Industrial Park, Warrens

St. Michael, Barbados