Our Virtual Reality missions use the latest in VR technology to expose individuals to a fully immersive audio-visual experience that is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Interact with a virtual environment to solve puzzles and clues in breathtaking environments. Try our car racing simulators, travel to far away places, go back in time and see history unfold before your eyes. This is the future of reality entertainment!

We also offer a Mobile Virtual Reality service that's perfect for your classroom, summer camp or special event. Your group can be immersed in a virtual world which is completely interactive, thrilling, breath-taking and realistic. Everyone will be in awe as they have adventures under the ocean, ride a roller coaster, travel to another country, or walk with dinosaurs!!!​ Call us to book your Mobile VR experience.


Our mission is to provide you, your family, your work colleagues and your friends, a novel and constantly changing  experience that challenges your mind, tests your teamworking abilities and provides a temporary escape from reality  ... all in one purpose-built environment.

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Pre-Booked visits are welcome ANYTIME. Please call to book.


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